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In today’s age of information overload, your writing needs to stand out at its most basic levels if it’s going to grab anyone’s attention. That’s where I come in. As a professional freelance editor and Spanish-to-English translator, I help authors, publishers, and business organizations polish their writing so they can best hold the attention of English-language readers. Rely on my language and editorial know-how to ensure your tone, grammar, and style suit your audience: the first step to getting your story read.

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Jamie Lauer, Freelance Editor and Award-Winning Literary Translator (Spanish-English)

About Me

I am a freelance editor, writer, and award-winning literary translator with 8+ years of combined experience in the publishing and editing industry. I hold a master’s degree in comparative literature and a certificate in literary translation from Indiana University.

My goal, whether translating or editing, is to help each author or organization express themselves in clear and consistent English while preserving their unique style. I recognize this sometimes means breaking grammar rules or thinking outside the box. Dialogue with clients and understanding their preferences is always a key part of my process.

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